The Effortless Automation System™ - Founder's Edition

❗ATTN: high-impact coaches, thought-leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs:

The Effortless Automation System™ For Coaches & Consultants Will Help You  Attract, enroll, and retain more coaching & consulting clients effortlessly - all while fostering an increased sense of human connection with your audience.
Ron Reich

"Make no mistake, Phil is a SERIOUS badass.

Especially when it comes to FB advertising, creating systems, and implementing like a MACHINE".

Julie Pham

“The online world is saturated with marketers and when I found Phil it’s like I could take a sigh of relief. He truly cares about every client that he works with and most importantly, works in integrity.

That is what I look for whenever I work with anyone because I see all partnerships as collaborations to build dreams into reality. Phil is not only EXTREMELY knowledgable, he is deemed an expert. He is a rapid executor, natural systems builder, and master in his craft. I would work with him in a heart beat".
Ryan Schwartz

“Phil hasn’t just mastered the art of marketing systems and automation. He’s mastered the art of putting more profit in your pocket while freeing up pockets of time you didn’t even think were possible. It would easily take you a decade of testing and tinkering to land on the treasure trove of profit maximizers / time savers that Phil could help you you and your team get up to speed on in just a few hours”.

What is the Effortless Automation System™?
Most coaches and consultants are great when they get in front of a potential client at sharing their message and how they can serve, but also sense they are leaving serious money  and growth potential on the table when it comes to selling online.

What if you had the exact automation templates to grow your business by creating an effortless enrollment process, while also ensuring your existing leads aren't falling through the cracks?

It's only getting more difficult to stand out. You may have heard the stat that it takes on average 7-9 sales touch-points to enroll a new client. 

And what about staying in touch with your existing and past clients?

We all know that its a great idea to keep our existing clients happy, but yet we often fail to do so, as we go round and round the hamster wheel trying to find new business.

And tech overwhem is a real thing. There's only about 3 bajillion suggestions being thrown at you everyday. 

There are 5 pillars of offer elevation within the Effortless Automation System™ guaranteed to help you up-level your coaching or consulting business in a big way:


Your ability to provide incredible upfront value that makes potential clients what to learn more about your products and services.


Once someone comes into your sphere of influence, it's time to tell them who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help.


No one wants to be guilty of a pitch-fest, but the reality of life as a coach or consultant is we need to make our offers known. When done right, it doesn't have to feel slimy, and your audience will be thanking you for sharing your gifts and talents rather than making the move towards the unsubscribe button.


Save yourself countless hours in the long-run and give yourself a strong runway to scale your operations and revenue potential by automating the day-to-day repetitive tasks related to signing on and onboarding a new client.


Keep your existing email list clean and healthy, while making sure to have a steady stream of communication with your prospects and existing clients - keeping the door open for future opportunities, even from those who weren't ready to buy now - learn to play the long game and watch as your email list becomes the #1 compounding asset in your business.

Leverage systems and marketing automation to navigate your business with confidence and ease. 

It’s not about having ALL the tech and systems, it’s about having what is appropriate in THIS moment to create leverage that propels your business forward towards the NEXT moment.

 The Effortless Automation System™ gives you not only the full execution blueprints to get the desired outcome, but the EXACT automation templates to install in your business without having to become a tech wizard (or hire one).

In fact - we've designed this system to be easily implemented by your virtual assistant  - so you can stay focused on the big picture.

Who is Philip R. Powis?

Philip R. Powis is a funnel strategist and marketing automation wizard -- having consulted for leaders like Jonathan Fields (Good Life Project), Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) and Kristoffer "KC" Carter (This Epic Life). He supports mission driven entrepreneurs and consultants to do three things:

- Expand Audiences in support of profitable engagements.

- Grow both revenue AND impact through strategic partnerships.

- Leverage systems and marketing automation to navigate business with confidence and ease.

How you can benefit from the Effortless Automation System™:
  • You'll deliver your lead magnets or free value-based offers with ease.
  • You'll learn a systematic approach for creating connection as you introduce yourself to your potential clients at scale online, leading to increased the confidence in working with you.
  • You'll be armed with proven automated sales campaign structures that don't leave you feeling dirty afterwards AND convert!
  • You'll securely and automatically deliver access to your online programs and onboarding processes, giving you hundreds if not thousands of hours of time back over the long haul.
  • You'll easily maintain your hard-earned relationship with your existing email list by deploying list engagement automation campaigns - ensuring your customers come back for more goodness time and time again.
What you'll get
22+ Importable Automations
These are battle-tested plug-and-play automations built exclusively for ActiveCampaign. Install with literally 1-click :)
CRM Sales Pipeline Structure
You'll receive a suggested pipeline structure to build your sales process around, ensuring that each touchpoint on the customer journey is covered - no leaky buckets!
60+ Email Templates
You'll get example email templates for each of the 22+ automations, as we're pretty sure you don't want to have to write them all from scratch - but you can if you want to!
Setup Videos
Step by Step videos explaining each of the automations, and how to set them up so you can up to speed quickly, or hand this task off to your team.
SOP Document Library
You'll also receive a written document outlining each of the 22+ automations, and how to get started.
Tagging System
Our tagging matrix spreadsheet and proprietary naming conventions to ensure you system stays organized and streamlined.
What makes the Effortless Automation System™ different from other marketing automation products?
We know that people tend to have three major objections to implementing these types of solutions into their business:

1. They are concerned its going to be too costly.

2. They think it will consume all their time and energy trying to manage the "tech overwhelm".

3. They believe that using automation erodes the direct connection they have with their audience and clients.

We've designed this system to not only increase connection, but to also leaving you feeling confident as you navigate your tech with ease.

Oh and did I mention it's FREE? 

Yep, you heard that correctly. 100% Free. 

While others are charging literally thousands for similar products, we've decided to give the DIY version of our system away 100% for free - for a limited time. 

Why? Because we want this to be the most legit marketing automation product offering available on the planet for coaches and consultants, and in order to do that, we want to get feedback from as many people as possible during this founding member's launch. 

You'll also find a supportive community of other mission driven entrepreneurs to walk alongside you on the journey in our exclusive private Facebook group. 
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